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Pusat Kajian Strategis BAZNAS


In line with the aspirations of The National Zakat Board (BAZNAS) the Republic of Indonesia whose vision and mission it to be a trustworthy, transparent, and professional zakat institution, BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Pusat Kajian Strategis/PUSKAS BAZNAS) must exist to support the realization of building a professional zakat institution through a research-based programs. Thus, the setting up of Center of Strategic Studies, BAZNAS which functions as a center of knowledge dissemination and intellectual excellence can be the basic element of fulfilling the vision of BAZNAS.


To build BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies as a knowledge and research hub of zakat development aimed to support the vision of BAZNAS.



Strengthening zakat development and management system towards research and zakat studies, networking, publications, databases, and information system based on professional ethics.


1. Creating the wide partnership based network with national and international zakat institutions.
2. Activating activities together with research programs and zakat development studies on the collection, distribution, management, and similar issues.
3. Developing the standardization of zakat management and practices.
4. The encouraging thought among academicians, practitioners, and experts from zakat field.
5. Collecting zakat related information to strengthen zakat development.
6. Mobilizing integrated efforts to achieve international recognition.

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